T?p chí ??c và Vi?t s? 11

Thng 8 n?m 2022

?ang pht hnh


C th? t?i xu?ng theo ???ng d?n:


M?C L?C s? 11

1- Tin V?n H?c Ngh? Thu?t Th? Gi?i.

2- Charles Simic: Su Bi Th? M?i.

3- M?c Th??ng Tr?c: Nh v?n vi?t v? vi?t v?n.

    Russell Banks: Th?i Gian C Kh? N?ng Bi?n ??i

    Nh?ng T??ng T??ng C?a Tu?i Tr?.

4- Rick Bass: Theo Chn Ch T?n L?c Tham Gia

    Th? Gi?i.

5- Chaeles Bukowski. Nh v?n M? g?c ??c.

Ngh?ch T?. Son of Satan. Truy?n Ng?n.

    Th?n Nhin d?ch v gi?i thi?u.

6- Th? Th? Gi?i Tuy?n Trong Thng.

7- M?c ??c Bi?t:

    Paolo Pellegrin. T? Im L?ng Ni Ti?ng Ngn N?m.

8- Ocean V??ng. Thi S? Vi?t.

Gi?i thi?u t?p th? "Time Is A Mother"

9- ??p. H?i H?p.

10- Dramatica,

    H?c thuy?t sng tc truy?n (ti?p theo.)

Khi Qut V? Nhn V?t Truy?n.

11- Gi?i thi?u sch:

    Brief Answers to The Big Questions,

Stephen Hawking.

    Ngu Yn d?ch t?ng k?:

Li?u Chng Ta C T?n t?i Trn ??a c?u?

12- Tin V?n H?c Ngh? Thu?t Th? Gi?i (ti?p theo)

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