Mỗi tuần một trang biếm họa (23) – Cuộc chiến xâm lược Ukraina

Văn Việt tuyển chọn

The Cartoon Movement's tweet - "Explosions in Kyiv on the second day of  Russia's attack on Ukraine. Today's cartoon by David Carlos Fuentes. More  cartoons about Russia invading Ukraine in our collection: #


Today's editorial cartoon: (Feb. 26 2022)

This Is Not A Meme": Ukraine Tweets Hitler-Putin Cartoon Amid War

Michael Ramirez | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nicola Jennings on fears over a Russian invasion of Ukraine – cartoon |  Opinion | The Guardian

Political Cartoon.

Politicalcartoons.com - Editorial Cartoon 257888

The Cartoon Movement on Twitter: "Russian forces are massing on Ukraine's  border, and Putin has warned NATO against sending any troops to help  Ukraine. Today's cartoon by @studiohajo https://t.co/qgZdLB8n8E #Putin  #Russia #Ukraine #

Putin Ukraine off/on ramp: Darcy cartoon - cleveland.com

Hands Cartoon: Putin invades Ukraine | | madison.com

A Ukraine war would spell disaster for Russia | Financial Times

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