Mỗi tuần một trang biếm họa (29) – Cuộc chiến xâm lược Ukraina

Văn Việt tuyển chọn


Thế giới Nga: Tuyên truyền, Tôn giáo, Thể thao, Chiến tranh, Khủng bố



Russia threatens Ukraine | Cartoon Movement

Ben Jennings cartoon, 11/3/22: Putin as stork dropping bombs and carrying napkin of skulls


NICOLA JENNINGS cartoon 07 03 22

Steve Bell cartoon

Cartoon: Russian roulette (large) by Tjeerd Royaards tagged putin,russia,ukraine,russian,roulette,border,invasion,threat,putin,russia,ukraine,russian,roulette,border,invasion,threat

The Cartoon Movement on Twitter: "Russia has started a war against Ukraine.  Our cartoonists respond. Our cartoon collection: https://t.co/5PoJ3vokga  This cartoon is by Martin Chren. #Putin #Ukraine #invasion #Russia #war  https://t.co/5iX1wD5K9n" /

Ukraine was invaded by Russia. By Cartoonarcadio | Politics Cartoon |  TOONPOOL

Putin chess in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin | Latuff Cartoons


Russia may soon control Ukraine's gas fields - Washington Times

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