B?n d?ch ti?ng Anh bài Ti?ng thu c?a L?u Tr?ng L?

Tr?n Ng?c C?

Autumn Sounds

Dont you hear the autumn
sobbing under a dim moon?
Dont you hear the stirrings
by the image of a faraway warrior
in the heart of his lonely wife?

Dont you hear the autumn forest
rustling with its autumn foliage
as a bewildered golden deer
steps on golden dry leaves?

Translated from the Vietnamese (following a semantic interpretation by the linguist Hong D?ng, HCMC University):

Ti?ng thu

Em khng nghe ma thu
D??i tr?ng m? th?n th?c?
Em khng nghe r?o r?c
Hnh ?nh k? chinh phu
Trong lng ng??i c ph??

Em khng nghe r?ng thu
L thu ku xo x?c
Con nai vng ng? ngc
??p trn l vng kh?

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