Th? Jon Fosse

Ngu Yn d?ch

Nh v?n Jon Fosse v?a ?o?t gi?i Nobel V?n ch??ng v? k?ch ngh? n?m nay, 2023. Ngoi ra, ng c?ng n?i ti?ng trong lnh v?c th? v truy?n. Tc ph?m c?a ng ???c d?ch ra kho?ng 50 ngn ng?. Tm hi?u v? m?c ?ch sng tc, ng cho bi?t, I hope they can find a kind of peace in, or from, my writing. (Ti hy v?ng ng??i ??c c th? tm th?y s? bnh an trong cc tc ph?m c?a ti).

Tc ph?m n?i ti?ng v?i n?i dung su ??m c?a ng l dy Septology. ?y l m?t t? v?ng m?i, c ngh?a l m?t lo?t b?y cu?n sch. C l?, Septology pht xu?t t? Heptalogy m v d? r r?t nh?t l dy tc ph?m Harry Potter.

Ti xin ???c gi?i thi?u ??n ??c gi? m?t t bi th? c?a Fosse, nh?ng t? duy su s?c v? thn ph?n con ng??i.


Nh v?n Jon Fosse – Nobel V?n ch??ng 2023

N?i Ny C M?t Ng??i


C m?t ng??i ? ?y

r?i bi?n m?t

theo gi

tan vo

n?i ph??ng

cng v?i ? di ??ng

t?o thnh ngh?a

trong duy nh?t lun lun m?i

c?a ci g

v ci g khng ph?i

trong im l?ng

n?i gi

ha thn thnh gi

n?i ngh?a

t?o thnh ngh?a

trong di ??ng bi?n thn

c?a t?t c? t?n t?i

ngay l?p t?c

t? ngu?n th?

n?i m thanh c?u mang ngh?a l

tr??c khi ngn t? phn thn

t? ? khng bao gi? xa cch con ng??i


n ?n trong ton b? t??ng lai v qu kh?

v ?n trong

ci g khng hi?n h?u

n?i ranh gi?i bi?n tan

gi?a nh?ng g hi?n di?n

v nh?ng g s?p ??n

n v t?n khng kho?ng cch

trong cng m?t chuy?n ??ng

n sng t?

r?i bi?n m?t

m v?n cn

trong lc bi?n thn

n b?ng sng

s? t?i

trong lc n ni

v? s? im l?ng

khng c ? ?u

m ? kh?p n?i

khi g?n

khi xa

xc v h?n nh?p l?i

nh? m?t


v l?n

nh? m?i th?

nh? v?n khng c g

n?i ton th? khn ngoan t?n tr?

m khng bi?t

trong thm tm

n?i h? v b? phn m?nh

ngay l?p t?c

m?i th? tr? thnh m?t n v t?t c?

trong ci phn m?nh

m khng th? chia tch

trong ranh gi?i v h?n Cch ti ?? n bi?n tan

trong s? hi?n di?n r rng

trong chuy?n ??ng xa b?

trong ngy ?i loanh quanh

n?i cy l cy

n?i ? l ?

n?i ngn t? ton b? khng th? hi?u

v? m?i th? t?n t?i

v? m?i th? bi?n m?t

v nh?ng g cn l?i

l ngn t? ha ?m



A human being is here

(B?n Anh ng? c?a May-Brit Akerholt)


A human being is here

and then disappears

in a wind

that vanishes


and meets the rocks movements

and becomes meaning

in always new unity

of what is

and what is not

in a silence

where wind

becomes wind

where meaning

becomes meaning

in lost movement

of everything that has been

and at once is

from an origin

where the sound carried the meaning

before the word divided itself

and since then never left us

But it is

in all past and it is in all future

and it is

in something

that doesnt exist

in its vanishing border

between what has been

and what shall come

It is infinite and without distance

in the same movement

It clears up

and disappears

and remains

while it disappears

And it lights up

its darkness

while it speaks

of its silence

It is nowhere

It is everywhere

It is near

It is far

and body and soul meet

there as one

and it is small

and as big

as everything that is

as small as no thing

and where all wisdom is

and no thing knows

in its innermost self

where nothing is divided

and everything is at once itself and everything else

in the divided

which is not divided

in endless boundary The way I let it disappear

in obvious presence

in vanishing motion

and walk around in the day

where tree is tree

where rock is rock

where wind is wind

and where words are an incomprehensible unity

of everything that has been

of everything that disappears

and thus remains

as conciliatory words


Ch? Bi?t


ca khc, ca khc bi?n kh?i

l??t t? dy ni xu?ng ??i d?c xui

r?i xuyn ngang kh?p b?u tr?i


trong bay xanh, t?a ch?i v?i m? m?

v? n?i chng ta ?ang ch?

l n?i mi mi l?ng l? v ngn


thi th ch? bi?t (ngu?n c?n)


Only Know


the song, the song of the sea

slides down the steep mountains

and across sky


in blue flight, like a shimmering

in towards where we are together

and where we never say anything


and only know


Ni Nn Th?


M?t h?i th? th?t su

V ng?n ni ??ng ?

R?i ng?n ni t?n t?i

L th? th?c ni hi?n hnh


Ci mnh

?i xu?ng

Vo ni

Nn th?


Trong khi bi?n v tr?i

v? v? v ?nh ??p

Ng?n ni nn th?


The Mountain Holds Its Breath

(B?n Anh ng? c?a May-Brit-Akerholt)


there was a deep breath

and then the mountain stood there

then the mountains stood there

and thats how the mountains stand there


and stoop downwards

and downwards

into themselves

and hold their breath


while heaven and sea

stroke and beat

the mountain holds its breath


?i ?i?u V? Di?n Vin


Di chuy?n no bn trong

Nh? cu?c ??i

Lun di ??ng ng?t kho?ng

L th? t?nh l?ng

V n?ng n?

Nh? chnh cu?c s?ng

N?ng n? Cho nh?ng ai

Ha thn th?t nh?

Cng m?t lc th?t n?ng

H? b??c ra kh?i ??i

??ng ?

Run r?y

H? th?n

Khng bi?t ni g

Khng c g ?? ni

V v?y ph?i ni ?i ?i?u ?? ra ?i

B??c chn nh? nhng th?ng nh? gi

H? ti?n t?i

H? ??ng l?i

B?n thn n?ng tr?u

Trong nh sng c?a nhau

Trong khi lng x?u h?

Tan bi?n

V sng ln nh? ch ch c?a thin th?n

R?i thin th?n m? cnh r?ng

Che ph? h?


Sau ?, ng??i ta ??n ?i


Something About The Actor


in that which moves

like life

always in gaping motion

is something quiet

and heavy

like life itself

is heavy For some

life becomes too light

and at once too heavy

and they step out of what happens

and stand there



and don’t know what to say

they have nothing to say

and therefore something must be said And they move forward

with steps light and straight as the wind

they move forward

and they stand there

heavy of themselves

in each other’s light

while the shame


and becomes as light as the dog’s angel


And then the angel’s wings open

and spread across them


And then it is said

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