Vong nh?p

Tr?n Ng?c C?

Ti s?ng ? Bi Du, t? khi cng m?t bc ?y g?i ti b?ng th?ng cho ??n khi chnh bc ?y g?i ti b?ng th?y. Ch?t li?u Bi Du c th? gip m?t ng??i tr?i nghi?m cu?c s?ng ? ? c c sng t?o vi?t ???c nh?ng tc ph?m m ng??i ??c khng th? ti?c r? th gi? ? b? ra ?? ??c. Ch?c ch?n ti khng ph?i l ng??i c ti ?y. Ti bi?t r s?c mnh m.

Nh?ng lng ti ??y ?p nh?ng k? ni?m Bi Du. N?u ph?i vi?t m?t ?i?u g ?? con chu mnh ??c, ti s? ghi l?i nh?ng ?i?u m?t th?y tai nghe ? Bi Du nh? cu chuy?n tm linh d??i ?y, ???c d?ch t? m?t phin b?n ti?ng Anh, ? ??ng m?y hm tr??c trn Facebook, ch? y?u cho 4S [Sonya, Sophia, Shelton, Sylvia] c?ng qu c?a ti.

Ti l?n ln ? Bi Du, m?t thn n?m ? ngo?i bin thnh ph? Hu?, c th?i l th? ? c?a m?t v??ng tri?u Vi?t Nam. Ci tn Bi Du ???c nhi?u ng??i bi?t ??n qua l?i m?t bi ht ph?n chi?n c?a Tr?nh Cng S?n: Chi?u ?i qua Bi Du, ht trn nh?ng xc ng??i.

Ni chnh xc, ti tr?i qua tu?i th? mnh trong m?t xm ngho st ??t, n?i nh?ng c?n nh khng mang vc dng b?t c? m?t c?u trc t? t? no c?, m ch? l nh?ng tp l?u tranh x?p x?. Trong ? chen chc s?ng nh?ng con ng??i m ch? v m tn. Nh?ng ci x h?i b t ?y c?ng c ?? chuy?n vui bu?n cho m?i m?t cng dn ??c bi?t c?a mnh. N?n ch?a hoang ? tu?i teen c?ng c x?y ra v h?u qu? ?i khi l s?y thai.

Th?i ?, hng tri?u ng??i Vi?t Nam cn tin r?ng vong linh nh?ng thai nhi sa s?y c quy?n l?c ?ng s? m cha m? v ng b chng ph?i th? cng, n?u khng th!

M?t trong nh?ng thi?u n? trong xm ? ch?a hoang v r?t cu?c s?y thai. C ti?p t?c s?ng v?i cha m? v ru?t th?t mnh d??i m?t mi nh, hng ?m mang thng tr?ng l?n ln ph?, rao bn ki?m s?ng. Ho?c c th? c l m?t ??a con khng bi?t ??n ch? hi?u l g, ho?c c th? cha c l m?t gia tr??ng th b?o. Chuy?n cha con ch?i nhau om sm x?y ra nh? c?m b?a.

R?i m?t hm, t?t c? lng gi?ng, trong ? c ti, h h?ng r? nhau ch?y ??n nh h? ?? ch?ng ki?n chuy?n siu th?c ny: Vong linh ??a chu ngo?i sa s?y ? nh?p vo m? n ?? m?ng nhi?c ng ngo?i n nh? qu?t m?t tr?n ?n ?ch ?ng.

B?ng gi?ng c?a m?t ??a tr? ch? ch?t, ng??i con gi ?i v?n c? cha mnh, n?u n ngo?i cn ??p v ch??i m? tui.


Phin b?n cho 4S m?n yu:


I grew up in Bi Du, a hamlet located on the outskirts of Hu?, the once imperial capital of Vietnam. The name of Bi Du has become widely-known through the lyrics of a war-protest song by Tr?nh Cng S?n: Passing through Bi Du in one afternoon, I found myself singing on dead human bodies. Chi?u ?i qua Bi Du, ht trn nh?ng xc ng??i.

To be exact, I spent my childhood in a dirt poor neighborhood where houses were not even semblances of any sort of decent structure but mere thatch-roofed shacks, inhabited mostly by illiterate and superstitious people. There was, however, enough comic tragedy to go around for every denizen in that tiny society. Teenage pregnancies did happen and sometimes resulted in infant deaths.

At that time, millions of Vietnamese still believed the spirits of those deceased infants possess awesome power and deserve to be feared and worshipped by their surviving elders, or else

One of the girls in the neighborhood got knocked up and eventually suffered a miscarriage. She went on to live with her parents and siblings under the same roof, walking around the city at night to peddle tr?ng l?n (baluts) for a living. Perhaps, either she was a daughter with no sense of filial piety, and/or her father was an abusive patriarch. There was constant fighting going on between father and daughter, day in day out.

Then, one day all the neighbors, myself included, gleefully rushed to their house to witness a surreal scene: the soul of the miscarried grandchild had just come back in its mothers body to give its grandfather a verbal lashing.

The girl spoke in a toddlers voice, threatening to break her fathers neck, twisting it backwards, if grandpa continues to beat and curse my mom.

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