Copperhead Road

Song by Steve Earle

(Bi nh?c ??ng qu vui nh?n c nh?c ??n chi?n tranh Vi?t Nam)

Tr?n Ng?c C? d?ch

Copperhead Road ? tr? thnh bi thnh ca c?a nh?ng ng??i s?ng ngoi vng php lu?t b?ng ngh? bun r??u l?u, tr?ng c?n sa, v ??c bi?t c nh?c ??n ngh? thu?t lm chng b?y h?c ???c t? chi?n tr??ng Vi?t Nam.

Bi ht ???c pht hnh trong m?t album cng tn Copperhead Road n?m 1988.

Copperhead Road l m?t con ???ng c th?t g?n Mountain City, Tennessee. Do c nh?ng v? tr?m b?ng tn ???ng [v bi ht ny], con ???ng ? ???c ??i tn thnh Copperhead Hollow Road.

Bi ht k? v? ba th? h? lm ngh? bun l?u nh?ng ng??i lm v phn ph?i r??u l?u, m?t ngh? c ngu?n g?c su xa t? nh?ng vng nng thn nh? Mountain City.

Lo?i r??u ny th??ng bn v?i gi r? h?n v ???c v?n chuy?n ??n cc qu?n "kh" n?i c?m bn r??u. V?n cn g?n 90 qu?n kh ? Hoa K? hi?n nay.

V?i ngh? bn r??u l?u ngy m?t tn l?i, nhn v?t chnh c?a bi ht l John Lee Pettimore III tr? v? t? Chi?n tranh Vi?t Nam, tr?ng c?n sa, v v??n c?a anh ta ???c b?o v? b?ng cc lo?i b?y v ph??ng php m VC t?ng s? d?ng.

M?c d b?n thn cu chuy?n ???c dn d?ng, nhi?u k? bun r??u l?u th?c s? ? chuy?n sang tr?ng c?n sa khi nhi?u qu?n h?t cho php bn r??u khi?n h? m?t k? sinh nhai.

N?i ti?ng nh?t, nhm Cornbread Mafia ? trung tm Kentucky c ngu?n g?c t? vi?c bun r??u l?u, ? s? d?ng cc chi?n thu?t nh? Pettimore sau khi tr? v? t? Chi?n tranh Vi?t Nam. ??n n?m 1989, cc c? quan chnh ph? ? b?t gi? 70 thnh vin c?a h? m?c d khng ai trong s? ? ch?u h?p tc v?i chnh quy?n.


D?, ti tn l John Lee Pettimore

Gi?ng nh? tn b? ti v b? c?a b? ti tr??c ?y

Khng cn l?i bao nhiu ng??i bi?t ??n ng ti

ng ch? ln ph? kho?ng hai l?n m?t n?m

ng th??ng mua m?t tr?m cn men v m?t s? ?ng ??ng

M?i ng??i bi?t ng ?ang lm r??u l?u

V nhn vin thu? v? ?i tm ng ti d? l?m

ng mang h?t gia ti vo thung l?ng ? lun

? l ci th?i tr??c khi c ti nh?ng ti nghe ng??i ta k? l?i

T? Copperhead Road ng ti khng bao gi? tr? v? qu c?.

R?i ??n phin b? ti bn l?u whiskey trong chi?c xe Dodge vung v?c

B? mua n trong cu?c ??u gi ? h?i qun Tam ?i?m

C hnh C?nh st tr??ng Qu?n Johnson bn hng

Ch? c?n b?n m?t l?p s?n lt thi, hnh ng c?m bi?n vo bn trong

B? v ch ti ? tho toang c? xe

Ti cn nh? m thanh r?m r?m hm ?y

Sau ?, c?nh st tr??ng ??n vo n?a ?m

Nghe m khc than, bi?t c ?i?u g khng ?n

B? ?i xu?ng Knoxville v?i tr?ng t?i hng tu?n

B?n c th? ng?i mi r??u whisky b?c ln trn ???ng Copperhead Road

Ti tnh nguy?n vo B? binh ?ng ngy sinh nh?t c?a ti

??ng no th quanh ?y, h? c?ng ?ang b?t b?n rc tr?ng [dn ngho da tr?ng] ?i ngh?a v? qun s?

Ti ? ph?c v? hai l?n t?i Vi?t Nam

V ti tr? v? nh v?i m?t k? ho?ch hon ton m?i m?

Ti ki?m h?t c?n sa t? Colombia v Mexico

Ti ch? tr?ng n ln trong thung l?ng d?c ???ng Copperhead Road

V by gi? D.E.A. [C?c Bi Tr? Ma Tu] c m?t tr?c th?ng bay l??n trn khng

Ti th?c d?y v ht ln nh? th? ti cn ? Vi?t Nam

Ti ? h?c ???c m?t ?i ?i?u t? lo Charlie (*) b?n bi?t khng

T?t h?n h?t b?n nn trnh xa ???ng Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

(*) V.C. ??c thnh Victor Charlie


Well my names John Lee Pettimore

Same as my daddy and his daddy before

You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here

He only came to town about twice a year

Hed buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line

Everybody knew that he made moonshine

Now the revenue man wanted Grandaddy bad

He headed up the holler with everything he had

Its before my time but Ive been told

He never came back from Copperhead Road

Now Daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge

Bought it at an auction at the Masons Lodge

Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side

Just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside

Well him and my uncle tore that engine down

I still remember that rumblin sound

Then the sheriff came around in the middle of the night

Heard mama cryin, knew something wasnt right

He was headed down to Knoxville with the weekly load

You could smell the whiskey burnin down Copperhead Road

I volunteered for the Army on my birthday

They draft the white trash first, round here anyway

I done two tours of duty in Vietnam

And I came home with a brand new plan

I take the seed from Colombia and Mexico

I just plant it up the holler down Copperhead Road

And now the D.E.A.s got a chopper in the air

I wake up screaming like Im back over there

I learned a thing or two from ol Charlie dont you know

You better stay away from Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

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