Bài ca dành cho nh?ng ng??i t?n th??ng

Th? Amanda Gorman, npr ngy 31/5/2022

Tr?n Ng?c C? d?ch

Nh th? Amanda Gorman suy ni?m v? m?t tu?n kh kh?n ??i v?i n??c M? trn ch??ng trnh National Public Radio (NPR) ngy 31 thng 5 n?m 2022.


? m?t tu?n tri qua k? t? v? x? sng hng lo?t t?i tr??ng ti?u h?c Robb ? Uvalde, Texas. Ng??i M? ? ph?n ?ng b?ng m?i cch, t? m con ch?t h?n m?t cht ??n ?? ra ???ng ?? ph?n ??i.


Trong khi nhi?u ng??i ph?i v?t l?n ?? tm ra nh?ng t? thch h?p, ? l cng vi?c c?a v? khch m?i ti?p theo c?a chng ti.

AMANDA GORMAN: Tn ti l Amanda Gorman. Ti 24 tu?i, v ti l m?t nh th?.

KELLY: Sau v? b?n t?i m?t c?a hng t?p ha ? khu ph? Da ?en, thnh ph? Buffalo, Gorman b?t ??u chia s? nh?ng dng t? m?t bi th? ? xu?t b?n tr??c ? trn m?ng x h?i. L?i ku g?i hnh ??ng c?a c l g?i ti?n ??n Qu? Everytown for Gun Safety (M?i Thn ph? V An ton Sng ?ng). Cho ??n nay, c ?y ? huy ??ng ???c h?n m?t tri?u ? la.

CHANG: Nh?ng c ?y c?ng ?ang lm m?t bi th? m?i, m?t bi th? c c? s? l hy v?ng.

GORMAN: Ti ngh? trong nh?ng th?i ?i?m nh? th? ny, ti hy v?ng, nh?ng th?c ra ti c?ng ??u h?n l hy v?ng, ngh?a l ti ?ang mang theo s? ngoan c?, ch m?nh m? v tri tim ?ang ??p c?a mnh. Ti bi?t c nh?ng th? l?c trn th? gi?i ny s? vui ?a, ?n m?ng v m? ti?c v s? b?t l?c c?a ti, v h? s? chi?n th?ng tr? phi ti ti?p t?c xu?t hi?n m?i ngy v lm nh?ng g ti bi?t l ?ng.

CHANG: ?y l bi th? m?i c?a Amanda Gorman, "Hymn For The Hurting." (Bi ca dnh cho nh?ng ng??i t?n th??ng).

GORMAN ??c bi th? sau ?y:

?? m?i th? ??n ?au

Tim chng ta ph? bng m u v l? l?m

Tr c chng ta tr? nn m? m?m v nn cm

Chng ta mang theo bi k?ch, hi hng v r?t th?t.

Nh?ng ch?ng c g m?i m?;

Chng ta bi?t n nh? chuy?n trong nh,

V m?t cch kinh kh?ng,

Nh? l di s?n.

Th?m ch con ci chng ta

Khng ???c lm tr? con,

Khng ???c s?ng cn.


?? m?i th? ??n ?au

?y l th?i kh gi? ???c m?ng s?ng,

Ti?p t?c s?ng cn l?i cng kh h?n.

Chng ta g?ng mnh s?ng h?t nh?ng thng ngy ny,

??ng th?i c?m th?y c ph??c s?ng qua ???c chng.


Bo ??ng ny cho chng ta bi?t

Chng ta ph?i ??i thay

R?ng chng ta ph?i khc h?n, n?u khng th ch?t,

R?ng chng ta ph?i chi?n th?ng hay ph?i g?ng ln

Nh? v?y, d h?n th khng ???c ch?m d?t

Th c?ng chuy?n thnh

M?t tnh th??ng cho chng ta ???c s?ng.


Chng ta nguy?n khng ch? khc than, m c?ng hi?n

Chng ta nguy?n khng ch? ?au th??ng, m hnh ??ng

Mong sao quy?n gi? sng ???c cam k?t c?a chng ta

Khng lm chng ta m lo tr??c m?i nguy chung.

Chng ta xin ch?n tr? em c?a chng ta thay v h?n lo?n

Mong sao khng cn m?t em b ngy th? no s? ph?i m?t ?i.


?? m?i th? ??n ?au, c l?,

Tim chng ta ph? bng m u & l? l?m

Nh?ng ch? khi tr?i ?? m?i ??n ?au

M?i th? m?i ??n h?i thay ??i.



- Nguyn ng? Anh -


?Hymn for the Hurting

by Poet Laurette Amanda Gorman


Everything hurts,

Our hearts shadowed and strange,

Minds made muddy and mute.

We carry tragedy, terrifying and true.

And yet none of it is new;

We knew it as home,


As heritage.

Even our children

Cannot be children,

Cant be.


Everything hurts.

Its a hard time to be alive,

And even harder to stay that way.

Were burdened to live out these days,

While at the same time, blessed to outlive them.


This alarm is how we know

We must be altered

That we must differ or die,

That we must triumph or try.

Thus while hate cannot be terminated,

It can be transformed

Into a love that lets us live.


May we not just grieve, but give:

May we not just ache, but act;

May our signed right to bear arms

Never blind our sight from shared harm;

May we choose our children over chaos.

May another innocent never be lost.


Maybe everything hurts,

Our hearts shadowed& strange.

But only when everything hurts

May everything change.

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