Dòng nh?c k? ni?m v?i nh?c c? mi?n Nam (k? 257): Ph?m Duy: Tuy?n t?p Dân ca – Bài 10: Th??ng Binh

T.V?n & B?n H?u th?c hi?n (2023)



Th??ng Binh Dn ca do Ph?m Duy s?u t?p

Trnh by: Hong Oanh & Duy Khnh

??c thm:

Ph?m Duy

Dn Ca M?i
(Trch ?o?n)

Nh?ng th? ti m ti thch nh?t l dn ca m?i, tuy d?a vo nh?ng truy?n th?ng v? nh?c ?i?u, ti?t ?i?u, l?i ca c?a dn ca c? nh?ng n s? ph?i ???c hi?n ??i ho, ngh?a l:
1) nt nh?c v?n dng m giai ng? cung c? h?u nh?ng p d?ng nh?c thu?t chuy?n h? (mtabole) lm cho giai ?i?u khng n?m ch?t trong m?t ng? cung no ? nh? trong dn ca c? m ch?y di trn nhi?u h? th?ng ng? cung khc nhau;
2) l?i ca tuy n?m trong th? th? l?c-bt, nh?ng c nhi?u khi ???c bi?n th?, do ? ti?t ?i?u c?ng theo m ti?t (prosodie) c?a l?i ca m tr? nn phong ph h?n.

Ch? c?a ti l lm sao ?em ???c Tn Nh?c vo thn qu. C?ng may l v? ph?n ?? ti, ti c c? m?t dn t?c v c? m?t cu?c ??u tranh ginh ??c l?p ?? ??a vo th? dn ca m?i ny, do ? n d? ?i vo qu?n chng. Ti tung ra m?t s? bi ht, bi no c?ng mang m h??ng dn ca c? truy?n c?. Ti g?i nh?ng bi ny l dn ca khng chi?n ?? phn bi?t v?i nh?ng bi dn ca so?n ra sau ny.

Bi dn ca m?i ??u tin c?a th?i ??i v mang tinh th?n khng chi?n l bi NH? NG??I TH??NG BINH. Bi ny ???c ph? bi?n r?t m?nh m? t?i mi?n Vi?t B?c khi?n cho ng??i mi?n ni c?ng d?ch ra ti?ng Ty ?? ht: Pi m, pi m qua n?ng n khu


(V?nh Yn 1947)

Chi?u v?, chi?u v? trn cnh ??ng xanh
C nng gnh la cho anh ra ?i gi?t th (u u )
T? ngy chinh chi?n ma Thu.
T? ngy, t? ngy chinh chi?n ma Thu
C chng ra lnh bin khu ai ?i tung honh (? ? ?)
Chi?u v? trn cnh ??ng xanh.
Chi?u qu h?ng nh? ng??i trai
V em nhn thng ngy tri
Nh? ng??i xa, xa v?i
Ng??i v non n??c xa xi.

M?t chi?u, m?t chi?u trn qung ???ng xa
Bng ng??i anh d?ng n?m x?a ra ?i ch?n ny (? ? ?)
Chng v? nay ? c?t tay
Chng v?, chng v? nay ? c?t tay
Mu ?o ? nhu?m trn thy bao nhiu qun th (u u )
T? ngy chinh chi?n ma Thu.
Ng??i qu cn nh? ng??i ch?ng
V ai vo ch?n t? sinh
Chi?n tr??ng qun, qun mnh
Ng??i v? c nh? th??ng binh.

Ng??i v?, ng??i v? c nh? th??ng binh.
Ti v? ti nh? chi?u xanh ra n?i sa tr??ng (? ? ?)
V ngy ti ? b? th??ng
V ngy, v ngy ti ? b? th??ng
Thn tn nay s?ng h?u ph??ng ai ?i bn ng??i (? ? ?)
Chi?u v? th??ng nh? ??y v?i.
Ng??i xa g?i ??n qu xa
Ng?i ?y t??ng ??n l? r?i
H?i ng??i xa, xa v?i
?p lng ti l?m ai ?i!

Bi ny ? ???c anh b?n ca s? Hoa K? tn l Steve Addis so?n l?i Anh ?? cng ?i ht v?i ti:

The Wounded Soldier

One day one day in the afternoon
Theres a girl in the land
With sheaves of rice in her hand
A heavy load for her arms
Her work, her work is the work of man
Where a man worked before
He left to fight in the war
A heavy load for her heart
The days and weeks pass by
The weeks and months pass by
And the harvest comes and goes
But when her man come, no one knows.

One day one day in the afternoon
He comes back and she sees
His sleeves hang loose in the breeze
He lost his arm in the war
His friends, his friends all honor the man
Now hes back from the war
She loves him more than before
Together they work the land
The days and weeks pass by
The weeks and months pass by
And the harvest comes and goes
But when will peace come, no one knows.

Ngu?n: https://phamduy.com/en/van-nghien-cuu/mot-doi-nhin-lai-ngan-loi-ca/5728-7-dan-ca-moi-phan-1-su-vinh-quang

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