Knh th?a qu di?n ?n v ACE thn qu;

Chng ti ? ???c di?m phc th?m vi?ng S?n ?ong : M?t k? cng hng v? hng ??u c?a nhn lo?i! M?t v?n li?ng qu hi?m c?a dn t?c Vi?t ! M?t c?ng hi?n c?a Thin nhi?n cho dn ta ? nhi?u ?au kh?.

Xin qu b?n vui lng b? cht th gi? k th?nh nguy?n th? ln UNESCO, World Heritage Center v chnh quy?n VN ???ng nhi?m ?? c?u nguy ??ng S?n ?ong.

GS Nguy?n Thi S?n


1/ B?m vo dng ch? c ??a ch? thepetitionsite.com bn d??i

2/ ?i?n vo cc ? c?a s? bn ph?i (Sign Pledge):First name (Tn)Last name (H?)


Street (Ph?) Country (N??c)

Nh?ng cu?i khng c?n ?i?n

3/ B?m vo ch? Sign now (K)

(Hi?n ? c 71.230 ch? k)


Stop the Construction: Save the Son Doong Cave!

author: Bao Nguyen

target: The Government of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam; and UNESCO World Heritage Center

signatures: 71,224



we’ve got 71,224 signatures, help us get to 72,000

Help protect the worlds largest cave, Son Doong Cave – in the UNESCO world heritage site, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.
The Government of Vietnam needs to act immediately to stop a proposed cable car construction project which could lead to cave collapses and will threaten the pristine cave with further development.
The project has been proposed and funded by private developers – The Sun Group. The Sun Group was approved by the provincial government to conduct surveys for the construction of a cable car system in The Son Doong Cave.
This project must be stopped before it has a huge and damaging impact on the Son Doong Cave and the ecosystem of the entire Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.
Thank you for your support! We can protect the cave if enough of us join together! Please sign and share the petition!
(Photo credit: John Spies)

Hy chung tay cng chng ti ?? b?o v? hang ??ng l?n nh?t th? gi?i, hang S?n ?ong, thu?c khu di s?n th? gi?i c?a UNESCO, v??n qu?c gia Phong Nha K? Bng, t?nh Qu?ng Bnh, Vi?t Nam.

Chnh ph? Vi?t Nam nn ra tay hnh ??ng ngay l?p t?c ?? ch?m d?t d? n xy d?ng h? th?ng cp treo n?i ?y v n c th? khi?n tr?n hang s?p v l m?i de d?a lm h? h?i hang ??ng nguyn s? ny b?i cc h?ng m?c xy d?ng s?p t?i.

D? n ny ???c pht tri?n v ti tr? b?i t?p ?on ??u t? – Sun Group. Sun Group ? ???c chnh quy?n t?nh cho php ti?n hnh kh?o st xy d?ng h? th?ng cp treo t?i hang S?n ?ong.

D? n ny ph?i ???c d?ng l?i tr??c khi n gy ra nh?ng tc h?i to l?n v khng l??ng h?t ???c ln hang S?n ?ong v c? h? sinh thi c?a ton b? khu v?c thu?c v??n qu?c gia Phong Nha K? Bng.

Chn thnh c?m ?n cc b?n ? ?ng h?! Chng ta c th? b?o v? ???c hang S?n ?ong n?u chng ta chung s?c v ??ng cng nhau! Hy k th?nh nguy?n th? v chia s? th?nh nguy?n th? ?? nhi?u ng??i cng k.

Tham kh?o: Video khm ph hang S?n ?ong

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