Nâng niu

Knh g?i V?n Vi?t

Ti trn tr?ng g?i ??n V?n Vi?t bi th? NNG NIU km clip ca khc NNG NIU do nh?c s? ?NH NGH? ph?ng th? ph? nh?c, ca s? L V? PH??NG ht, nh? V?n Vi?t cng b? ?? ???c hn h?nh trao t?ng hai ??ng nghi?p c?m bt m ti r?t c?m ph?c: Anh Ba Sm Nguy?n H?u Vinh v?a ra t v Tr?n Hu?nh Duy Th?c ?ang ? trong t.

Chn thnh cm ?n V?n Vi?t.



Nng niu

Nng niu

Nng niu em t? m?i s?i lng

Nng niu con t?ng bp tay h?ng

Nng niu nng niu tr?i trong t?ng gi?t

?y ng?c c?m h?i

Nng niu nng niu kh?i h?ng ? ng?c

Nng niu nng niu t?ng giy t?nh th?c

Nng niu nng niu ng?n bt nh? nhoi

Mi chu?t m?t ??i

Nh?n ho?t

? L?t 2011


Loving care

Loving care

I take a loving care of my beloved for everything, whatever.

I take a loving care of my child for every tiny pink finger

I take a loving care of each drop of the clear sky

To sustain my breaths at the bottom of the hell as time goes by

I take a loving care of the red mass kept in my chest

I take a loving care of every minutes of awareness to the best

I take a loving care of the pen however small it may be

I spend all my life honing it


Dalat, 2011.

Translated by THI?U KHANH




Je te prends soin partir de chaque poil

Je prends soin de mon enfant pour chaque petit doigt rose

Je prends soin de chaque goutte du ciel clair

Pour respirer au fond de lenfer au fil du temps

Je prends soin de la masse rose garde dans la poitrine

Je prends soin de toutes les minutes de la conscience

Je prends soin du stylo, aussi petit soit-il

Je passe toute ma vie a laiguiser


Dalat 2011

Traduction par CHU DIN

(Trong t?p NNG NIU  do NXB H?i Nh v?n ?n hnh thng 3 n?m 1018)

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